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Dear Sponsors,
You are well aware of the fact that for any event shows, Sponsorship not only has an immediate impact on the visitors but is also a direct, cost- effective way and the most powerful tool to target your market.

EMERALD INTERNATIONAL SHOWS & EVENTS (EISE), one of the most Premium Fashion & Lifestyle shows of India & abroad, provides you with golden opportunity to reach more than 50,000 people across India and abroad. We have a team of expertise who work 24X7 in designing a number of unique and interactive packages which vary in prices and styles, keeping in mind the wide range of companies and their needs. You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity at the fullest and wish you to raise your profile during and after the shows. You are welcome to discuss these opportunities in detail. We also appreciate creative ideas from your end, if any, so that we can give you and your company the best deal possible.

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