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1. By registering for the event, the exhibitor acknowledges and accepts all aspects of the following Conditions for Participation in EMERALD THE LIFESTYLE SHOW IN LUCKNOW. The application forms as well as these conditions shall collectively define the legal framework for participation in the event and govern the booking of exhibition space by the exhibitor, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. The prior written consent of the Organiser shall be required for the exhibitor to assign the rights and obligations arising from or in connection with this agreement to a third party.

2. The conditions, rules and regulations set forth in this agreement shall be binding upon the Exhibitors and Registration (hereinafter also referred to as Applicants/Exhibitors). Only an authorized signatory of EISE (hereinafter referred to as organizers) shall have full power to interpret and to make or amend these rules. Any changes made, if any, as mentioned above shall be in writing and signed by the above mentioned authorised signatory. Such amendments shall come to enforce provided that such amendments and additions do not operate to diminish the rights reserved for the Exhibitor / Registrant under this contract / application and shall not operate to increase liabilities of its Sponsors, Agents or Employees.

3. Exhibitor shall ensure that he has paid all of the fees agreed, prior to the exhibition or else he shall not be permitted to exhibit.

4. No Agent or Employee of the Exhibition Committee or of the organisers or the sponsors or the publisher of any Catalogue, either singly or jointly, will be held responsible for any errors or omission, in any copy prepared and submitted by the Advertisers or the Exhibitors.

5. Rights of any exhibitor is NON TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances to any other firm, entity or person, thus the Exhibitor shall not assign his space or sublet the whole or any part of the space contracted for.

6. Exhibitor’s all unusual promotional plans (if any) must be approved by Exhibition committee before the exhibition and thus no Exhibitor shall permit any promotional measures that is binding on the members or guests to be present at a specified location and time.

7. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain passport and visa, for entrance into the country where the Exhibition is to be held. The Exhibition Committee do not vouch for any assistance in this regard and thus any failure on the part of the Exhibitor in obtaining these documents from the necessary government authorities is solely the fault of the Exhibitor. This contract / application shall not be cancelled on the ground of failure in obtaining such documents and so no refunds will be made. However under such circumstance, with the prior approval of the organizers, and after the entire agreed amount agreed is paid by the Exhibitor to organizer, the Exhibitor may substitute another party or company who successfully gets the required documents after fulfilling the government formalities necessary for entry into the country where the exhibition is to be held. Such swapping and making the payments to the Organisers shall be the sole responsibility of the contracting exhibitor.

8. Watchmen from reputed companies will be hired for duty, day and night, but the Exhibition Committee Organizers, Sponsors, its Employees or Agents are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage or injury of any nature to any person or article. The Exhibition Committee will take precautions against such losses, but will not guarantee against it and hence it is expressly mentioned here that the organizer are not liable for any injury or damage therefrom.

9. Exhibitors are urged to adequately insure all shipments, as the Exhibition Committee, Organizers, Sponsors, its Agents or Employees does not take any responsibility for any theft, loss, damage or delay incurred in freight shipments (transport, handling and cleaning) into and out of the country in which the Exhibition is held.

10. Throughout the Exhibition period and during the installation and dismantling of his exhibit, each Exhibitor shall have an authorized representative present at the Exhibition. The exhibitor is prohibited from removing his exhibit from the Exhibition floor prior to the official termination of the Exhibition.

11. Exhibitors undertake to comply with any building regulations and all government rules & regulations.

12. We all know that Exhibition is a team work and to be organised collectively in a manner that is beneficial for one and all, so the Exhibitors are required to see that no act of any individual is objectionable by other exhibitors. Such objectionable acts may include Phonograph, radios or other sound devices operated in a manner objectionable or lighting within the exhibit must be arranged and operated so as to be distracting to adjacent exhibits Exhibit obstructing the view of adjoining exhibit or be operated in any manner objectionable to other exhibitors.

13. Exhibitors are directed to adhere with terms and conditions as directed by the Exhibition Committee who will specify the attendance hours etc and shall have sole controlling authority of the same. Exhibitors are specifically instructed here that admission shall be by ticket or badge and identification badges shall not be transferable.

14. Once the Application form is executed by the Exhibitors, its receipt by the Organizers is deemed to be the final evidence of the Applicants consent, to pay the full fees due and that the contract is irrevocable. The said contract also entitle the Organisers to claim any unpaid amounts by the Applicants and under no circumstances shall the Organisers are required to refund any of the fees received by the applicants.

15. This one document is the entire agreement and holds the binding rules and regulations between the parties. The Exhibitors acknowledge that no one have any right to change or modify any point or points or any part thereof mentioned in this document. Oral changes done by anyone in this agreement is not permissible.

16. The Exhibitors acknowledge by this document that Organisers, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates, employees or other entities allied with them have never made any guarantees or assurances concerning the exhibition or concerning the amount of business to be gained from exhibit, by any means whether oral or in writing, expressed or implied.

17. A complete list of inventories, materials, exhibits to be displayed or sold by the Exhibitors is to be submitted with the Organisers.

18. The exhibitor acknowledges that records like invoice etc, of sale at all times during the exhibition will be maintained and will produce the same for verification by the competent authorities if required. Further the Applicant undertakes to give full sale figures etc. with details, will pay the statutory taxes/dues to the said authorities, if any and will also clear all dues of the organizers/authorities before leaving the premises by taking an out gate pass from the organizers/combatant authorities.

19. Under unavoidable circumstances like any acts of war, civil, commotion, strike or lockouts intervention or regulation, military activity if any or any which shall make it impossible or inadvisable for the Exhibition Committee to hold he Exhibition / Conference at the time and place provided, The Exhibition Committee, Organizers Sponsors, Its Agents or Employees shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting thereforth. The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to reschedule the Exhibition at a later date and/or at an alternative site. Furthermore, in case of any conflict or misinterpretations that arise with the host country, its sponsors, agents or other bodies regarding any and all aspects as result of the fore going as well shall not hold Organizers responsible for any damages and hence waive them from any claim or compensation. The sums paid to organizers as fees or otherwise in connection with the Exhibition shall remain the property of Organizers.

20. This is agreement shall be governed by and construed according to Indian Law and any dispute if any between the parties under this Agreement hereby is subject to the jurisdiction of Jaipur Courts only.

21. The Organizers is not responsible for any commercial transactions untaken by the Exhibitors.